Toys and Gifts to Keep Your Child Active This Winter

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it! It’s time to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping. This year, get the kids a gift that will entertain them and keep them healthy for the months to follow. Pledge to get active this season with these fun, interactive gifts! 10 Gifts for the Active Family.

1. Night Zone Football– The days may be getting shorter but that won’t stop kids from playing outside with this football that lights up. The LED lights can be turned off and on for continuous fun. Even better, Night Zone Footballs are inexpensive.

2. Swim Lessons– Many indoor pools offer swim lessons during the holidays. This is a great gift to get a relative or a friend’s child. Get them enrolled now and offer to get them on a team for a summer if they stick with it. Your child will be able to safely join their friends for water sports and games at the pool! Check out YMCA locations in Round Rock and Cedar Park.

3. Reebok Custom Shoes– A pair of new tennis shows will help you encourage children to spend more time outside. Reebok allows you to design your own active shoes with your child’s favorite colors.  They will love the stylish colors! Get your child a cool new pair of shoes by visiting

4. NBA Baller Beats– This interactive game is meant to be used with Kinect for Xbox 360. Kids can bounce a real basketball to the beat of music while learning how to dribble, crossover and side pass- all from home.

5. A New Helmet– We love this kid-friendly helmet from Giro. It has no pinch buckles, LED lights and a visor. Kids will love it because it comes in fun colors and patterns including red ladybugs and blue sharks. Your child will love wearing their helmet and it will keep them safe!

6. A Disc Golf Set– This gift is fun for the whole family and is perfect for Austin winter weather! Just walk outside your door and the game is already set up. It is also portable so you can also bring it to your favorite park.

7. Activity Meter– This meter by Zamzee tracks your child’s play time. After play, your child can plug it into a USB port and earn points and badges for playing. This meter turns active play into a fun reward! – Zamzee

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