Pediatric Center of Round Rock Celebrates Opening of New Office

On Thursday, January 20th, we celebrated the official Open House of the new offices of Pediatric Center of Round Rock. Our new location opened its doors back in November, after a miraculously fast and pain-free construction phase that left us all with the feeling that changing locations and updating our clinic was just meant to be.

Our new and modern office features 4,000 square-feet of the comforts of home for all of us. Our patients deserve the improvement and all the providers are enjoying the luminous, spacious rooms and the new equipment. Like our old location, the new one also provides two waiting areas, one for well and one for sick children. We also continue to be open 7 days at week.

One of the main challenges, when providing comfort to our patients, is making sure the children feel relaxed while they wait to be seen. While having to wait is one of the unavoidable stressors of our life and, I must say, the least tolerated by both children and parents, we stressed comfort as one of our main goals. With this in mind, I strolled through the aisles of a few toy stores, ending up with loads of toys for our waiting rooms and exam rooms. It didn’t take long for all of us to learn about the short life of all those toys and books.

New Feature! Educational Video Games

Our newest addition to the waiting rooms and exam rooms is a durable, child-proof, digital screens featuring educational video games and other educational material that are creating delight for the kids, and some parent too.

At this point I feel like explaining myself. While I always remind parents to limit the amount of time their kids spend playing video games, nobody can question the positive advantages and the opportunity modern technology offers to place good information in front of children with learning and entertaining purposes. I had a dream of using waiting time to provide good information to the children, but I didn’t know what gadgets the technology era had to offer. Until I shared my dreams with the father of one of my patients, who knew exactly how to help. Thanks to him we can now offer educational entertainment used by school districts in the area, and approved by our providers, on our premises. Our little ones love it. They can navigate the device with amazing dexterity and they are always ready to share their learning with all of us.

We want to offer our new clinic to old and new patients and to the Round Rock and Austin community in general. We wish to share it with all of you, in good health, with God’s help.


El Jueves, dia 29 the Enero, celebramos la inauguracion oficial del Nuevo Pediatric Center of Round Rock. Nuestra nueva clinica abrio sus puertas a principios de noviembre, despues de una fase de construccion que resulto ser milagrosamente breve, hasta el punto de dejarnos a todos con la certeza de que estabamos haciendo lo que debiamos.

Nuestra nueva oficina tiene 4,000 pies cuadrados e inspira sensacion de hogar. El lugar emana luminosidad y espacio del que los pacientes y doctores disfrutan por igual. Seguimos teniendo dos salas de espera, para ninos sanos y enfermos, y continuamos con nuestro horario abierto 7 dias a la semana.

Uno de los problemas en una clinica pediatrica es el tiempo de espera. Mientras que la espera no se puede evitar, tratamos de proporcionar juegos y diversion para los ninos en las salas. Con este proposito en mente, dedique un tiempo a visitar las tiendas de juguetes de la zona, adquiriendo juguetes y libors para las salas de espera y los cuartos de examinar. Pero pronto aprendimos la corta vida de los juguetes y libros adquiridos.
Por eso ahora ofrecemos pantallas digitales con video-juegos educativos e informacion en todas niestras salas.

Debo explicar a los padres que, aunque repito la necesidad de limitar el tiempo que los ninos pasan delante de la pantalla, no puedo negar la oportunidad que la tecnologia moderna ofrece de presentar informacion ducativa a los ninos, en un formato que les resulta atractivo e invita a aprender.

Fue el padre de uno de mis pacientes quien me indico como podria mantener a los ninos entretenidos mientras esperan y al vez proporcionarles juegos educativos aprobados por los distritos escolares de la zona y por nuestros doctores.

Las pantallas digitales estan instaladas y nuestros pacientes ya disfrutan de ellas. Incluso los mas pequenos navegan por ellas con una destreza admirable.

Quisiera dedicar nuestra nueva clinica a la comunidad de Round Rock y Austin. Deseamos compartirla con buena salud y con la ayuda de Dios.