Healthy Afterschool Snack: Peanut Butter and Almond Spread

What is a good snack?

A snack, by definition, is a small meal in between heavier meals. In order for it to be a good snack, it must pass the Quality/Quantity/Timing test.

Quality – Natural ingredients, no preservatives or sugar added
Quantity – Small amount
Timing – Only once per day

For children and even adults, the best time of day for a snack is after school. Make the after-school snacks count by planning and preparing them at home.


Making your peanut butter and almond spread: 

Peanut butter or almond butter provides high calories in small amounts and is a great snack for children who participate in sports. Just a small amount will provide tons of energy and protein.

– Blend roasted peanuts or almonds using a kitchen blender or Magic Bullet
– Add one teaspoon of virgin olive before blending – this will make the paste smoother and softer
– It can be served over celery sticks, crackers, bread, etc…

Nutritional benefits: 

You are going to notice how much lighter this paste is when compared with the commercial brands you find in the store. It provides a good amount of protein and just one table spoon can provide over 100 calories. Use the spread on celery for added fiber and easier digestion.


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