Healthy After-School Snack: Ham and Cheese Roll-Up

Blog Graphic - H&C Rollup-01What is a good snack?

A snack, by definition, is a small meal in between heavier meals. In order for it to be a good snack, it must pass the Quality/Quantity/Timing test.

Quality – Natural ingredients, no preservatives or sugar added
Quantity – Small amount
Timing – Only once per day

For children and even adults, the best time of day for a snack is after school. Make the after-school snacks count by planning and preparing them at home.

Making your ham and cheese roll-up:

This is a simple snack loaded with nutrition. Just get a piece of deli ham (low salt and low nitrates) and roll it up with a piece of cheese. You can use soft cheese and spread it over the ham, rolling it up after. Placing the roll in the freezer for 20 minutes will allow for it to be to cut it into smaller wheels.

Nutritional benefits:

This snack provides energy from protein along with one serving of calcium.


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