Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

Running late on your holiday gift list? Unsure of what to get a close friend or family member? Give the gift of health this year by purchasing a copy of The Step Up Diet: The Quality Quantity and Timing Method to Childhood Obesity, written by Dr. Marta Katalenas.

In her book, The Step Up Diet, Dr. Katalenas pens the nutritional advice she has successfully been giving her patients for over 25 years and offers simple, sustainable solutions for developing healthy family habits.

Features of The Step Up Diet:

– Credible insight on common nutrition problems among children
– Simple, fun solutions for improving family health
– Healthy family recipes
– Healthy, weekly grocery lists

What Parents are Saying About The Step Up Diet:

“I cannot say enough positive things about this book. This book gives very simple, easy to follow guidelines for healthy eating. This is guilt free, GOOD eating and I even lost a few pounds in just two weeks! It is really not a ‘diet’ in the sense of deprivation or restrictions but rather a guideline to putting thought, a little bit a time and quality into the food choices you feed your family.”

– Suzanne Higbee, review from

“Dr. K’s book is a great resource for parents. It is chock full of relevant facts, recipes, and ideas for improving your family’s life style.”

– Loretta L Anderson, review from

“Something I’ve always hated about “diet books” is that in order to follow the diet, readers are expected to completely change their lifestyles. I mean, c’mon… Who has time for that? But surprisingly, Dr. K’s book seems to suggest the opposite. It’s clear that she truly understands how busy motherhood can be and she’s laid this book out in a way that you don’t have to drop your eating habits, just revise them a bit.”

– BThomas, review from

Ensure good health for years to come – whether it’s for a friend, family member, or even yourself.

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