Healthy Make-Ahead School Lunch Ideas

Families today are busier than ever before, which means that parents have some tough decisions to make about where to invest their time. Providing children with a healthy lunch is a wise investment. Nutrition powers children’s learning.

Austin Area Chefs Want to Help Improve School Lunches

School lunches must be made healthier. The Let’s Move! campaign has invited chefs around the country to work with their local schools to come up with delicious, healthful ways to feed their children, and ways to get children excited about eating better.

Children Are Not Hummingbirds: Stop Giving Them Sugary Drinks

The childhood obesity epidemic in the United States does not have a single cause. Rather, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the increasing number of overweight or obese children. But one place we can surely point the finger of blame is toward the number of sugary drinks children consume.

Simple Tips to Get Teens to Eat Healthier

Teenagers are notoriously unhealthy eaters. They are still young enough to feel as though they’ll live forever but are old enough to want to make their own decisions about what to eat. Nagging them won’t work. In fact, nagging is more likely to make them rebel.