Can You Afford to Feed Your Kids Fruits and Vegetables?

While you’re budgeting for your family meals, consider this. The financial cost of childhood obesity is likely to be much higher than making healthy choices at the grocery store. Buying fruits and vegetables may be slightly more expensive than buying processed foods, but in the long run, you’ll save money when you eat healthy.

Simple Tips to Get Teens to Eat Healthier

Teenagers are notoriously unhealthy eaters. They are still young enough to feel as though they’ll live forever but are old enough to want to make their own decisions about what to eat. Nagging them won’t work. In fact, nagging is more likely to make them rebel.

Visit Farmers Markets to Battle Childhood Obesity

One reason for today’s childhood obesity epidemic is that children do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. Instead, they fill up on packaged food with little to no nutritional value. But how do you get your kids excited about eating more fruits and veggies? Introduce them to farmers markets!

How About a Walk?

Winter is not a good season for me. Like many of you I prefer spring, summer and fall. Now that I started walking again I feel like taking every opportunity to escape out of the house with any excuse in mind.

Let’s Move: A Campaign against Childhood Obesity

If the obesity trend is not reversed, more people will develop diabetes, more people will suffer from debilitating joint pain, more people will have strokes, and more people will become unable to work and have to rely upon public assistance.