5 Facts about Fats

As discussed in my new book The Step Up Diet, Many people blame fats for the obesity epidemic. As a result, many people have completely eliminated them from their diets …

5 Tips for the Picky Eater

Parents hold the key to their children’s future health. Eating habits are learned from parents and  it’s important for parents to model good eating behavior. It all comes down to …

Has Overeating Become a Way of Life for Your Family?

In the United States, we work hard and fast. We don’t feel we have the time for a daily trip to the grocery store and meal preparation. For just five dollars, we can purchase a large, satisfying meal loaded with carbohydrates and fats. But this bad habit is resulting in expanding waistlines and serious health concerns.

Are You Teaching Your Kids to Eat for Comfort?

We often reach for a snack because we are bored, hungry or it is sitting right in front of us. Snacking is a comfort and we often want to eat when we are tired or stressed regardless of hunger. This bad habit is training our bodies to need to fill full all day. A sense of fullness throughout the day becomes comforting which causes us to crave snacks. How are you training your children to reach for food when they need comfort?

Are Your Kids Thirsty or Do They Just Want a Sugary Drink?

Too often our kids reach for a sugary drink instead of what they really need, which is water. How are we, as parents, teaching them these bad habits? In order to keep our children healthy, we must start with giving a child water if and when they are thirsty. The bad habits start at a young age but the habit is much easier to break earlier rather than later.

The Key to Good Nutrition

The increasing incidence of obesity in our society calls for a careful analysis of possible causes, as well as investigation and application of useful advice. Here is the key to …

The “Clean Plate” Policy – A Thing of The Past

Only 2% of school-age children eat consistently well, resulting in a tripled obesity rate from 1980. This substantial amount is not only shortening our children’s lives, it’s leading many experts to believe that for the first time in U.S history, the current generation of children will live shorter lives than their parents.

Children Are Not Hummingbirds: Stop Giving Them Sugary Drinks

The childhood obesity epidemic in the United States does not have a single cause. Rather, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the increasing number of overweight or obese children. But one place we can surely point the finger of blame is toward the number of sugary drinks children consume.