Holiday Recipe for Cranberry Salad

Grandma Liliana’s Nutritious and Delicious Thanksgiving Cranberry Salad

One of our Thanksgiving traditions includes a recipe from my mother-in-law Liliana, who is an excellent cook. She mixes her own traditions of Italian-Yugoslavian cooking with her many years of experience and practice and the results are out of this world. You can’t visit her without planning on gaining a couple of pounds, though.

Simple Ways to Put the Focus on Family this Halloween

When your children grow up, they won’t cherish the memory of the tenth candy bar they ate after their yearly Halloween celebration. You are not doing them any favors by saying “yes” to every plea for more. Here are three simple ways to put the focus on fun this Halloween instead of candy.

3 Tips for Healthy Family Road Trips

By following these simple tips, your family road trip will be both healthy and fun – in fact, I believe that these tips will make the road trip more fun than it would’ve been if you had indulged every unhealthy whim.

Spring Break Sun Safety Tips for Families

With spring break in full swing, it’s important to keep your family’s safety in mind, especially regarding excess sun exposure. Ensure a fun, sunburnt-free family vacation with these helpful tips …

Parents, Are You Teaching Your Kids to Be Lazy?

Take a good, long look at the way you live your own life and ask yourself: Am I teaching my kids to be active, or am I teaching them to be lazy? One of the main contributing factors in the rise in childhood obesity is that children aren’t as active as they should be. Parents bemoan the fact that their kids spend all of their time indoors, tied to the TV screen or the computer screen.

Make Treats Special By Making Them Yourself!

When indulging in a treat, it should be made at home. Store bought cakes and pastries are loaded with extra sugar and poor quality oils. It’s also fun to get the children involved with baking and you can introduce the concept of home cooked meals early. Make a treat truly special by making it yourself!