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August Challege: Eat Smaller Food Portions

Want an easy way to reduce the number of calories your family eats? In the month of August, why not try replacing your dinner plate for a salad plate? By reducing the size of our plate we naturally consume less food and reduce our serving size. Just make sure you don’t go back for seconds. One serving of each food at the dinner table is more than enough to fill you up!

End second helpings at the dinner table
Daily exercise and fitness activities are important components in helping your family become healthier but managing the reduction of total calories consumed is critical to losing weight. Reduce your family’s meals to one serving size, which is enough to satisfy even the hungriest of growing boys and girls. Resist the urge to serve seconds and firmly stand behind your small portion meal plan.

Boost your family’s energy and immune system
Whether he’s giving high-fives to his best friend, kicking up dust and dirt on the soccer field, or rubbing his hands and face on your dog’s furry coat, your child is at risk for various ailments such as allergies and the common cold. Even when he’s feeling his absolute best, your child’s immune system can use all the help it can get through improved nutrition. By adding more vegetables and lean meats to your meal plan, you will aid your child’s natural defense system as the body absorbs essential nutrients from the food. This immunity boost is not a fail-safe for chronic conditions or seasonal ailments but will help improve your child’s health and energy levels.

More money for nutritious ingredients and healthy dining experiences
Although money may not be your sole motivation for serving smaller food portions, it is an added bonus. More money lends ample opportunities to purchase the most nutritious ingredients available for delicious homemade meals. When dining out, use the money you’ve saved to avoid fast food and choose local restaurants which are more likely to use locally-sourced, fresh ingredients.

How to keep your family happy on the healthy eating habits road
Undoubtedly, your children will notice a change in their portion size, therefore you must be prepared to hear heart-felt appeals for second helpings. Make sure their salad-plates are heaping full of their favorite vegetables to help keep their tummies satisfied.

Are you ready to get your family on board with our August Resolution?

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