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10 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Carving and candy and costumes, oh my! Halloween can strike fear in even the most seasoned parents. Younger kids make you worry about their physical safety–from strangers they might encounter to tainted candy and oncoming cars. As they mature, they face different threats to their security–parties with underage drinking or pressure to get involved in risky pranks or stunts.

So, what can you do to keep your kids of all ages safe? Use the following tips to keep your kids safe during Halloween events.

Halloween Safety Tips for Children:

  • Pin your child’s name, address and phone number to the inside of his or her costume in case you get separated.
  • Make sure older children are trick or treating in groups and that your child has a cell phone to call you if they get separated.
  • Only approach houses with porch lights on.
  • Never let them enter a house while trick or treating
  • Only eat candy from sealed packages–no homemade treats.

Halloween Safety Tips for Teens:

  • Make sure you know where the party is, who will be there and how you can reach them. Call the host parents to verify that adults will be supervising.
  • Talk to them about personal safety. Don’t accept food or drinks from anyone they don’t trust and to never leave their drink unattended.
  • Girls should never leave a party alone, always have someone escort them to their car.
  • Never get into a car with someone who has been drinking.
  • Above all, make it clear they can always call you–no matter what the situation–and that you will come to get them.